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Eyes for Life Canberra (EFLC) offers a qualified Outreach Officer, Community Engagement Officer and Occupational Therapist who can together provide a Future Development Program to assist people who are vision impaired to develop their abilities and social skills as well as promote and maintain independence in their everyday lives.

The Program includes:

  • Information, advice, assessments, counselling, and referrals to other agencies to foster a quality life.
  • Assessments and advice on home modifications, including advice on home appliances and other equipment best suited to the individual’s needs.
  • Training in daily living skills in individuals’ homes providing them with the skills they need to maintain their independence.
  • Advice on equipment and other strategies that break down the barriers for people pursuing education or employment options or other work such as volunteering, caring for others as well as participating in social and community activities.

A comprehensive development program has been identified as necessary to fill the gaps in current services and enable Eyes for Life Canberra to provide a more holistic approach to the needs of individuals in their future development.

What is the Future Development Program?

EFLC will provide solutions and strategies to help you maintain your independence. A Future Development Plan is about developing basic and essential skills for you to live confidently at home, in the community and to increase your social participation.

We can help you to test and try magnification devices, to use adaptive aids and we can provide alternate print materials, as well as simple modifications and tools to continue your routine at home, school or work.

Every person has their own journey and pace for learning new skills. As long as you are open to learning how you can do something in a new way with your changing vision, EFLC are ready to provide the training and support you need.

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Where are Services Provided?

Eyes for Life Canberra is based in The Griffin Centre in Civic and the Future Development Program can be provided in any setting, including the home, workplace, place of education, care facility or aged care facility.

Have you just been diagnosed?

If you have recently been diagnosed with an eye condition by your GP, Optometrist, eye doctor, eye surgeon, eye specialist, Orthoptist or Ophthalmologist, then you would more than likely have many concerns and questions that you need answered.

You may have only had a short period of time after being diagnosed to discuss all your options with any of the above medical professionals, therefore Eyes for Life Canberra is the next part in your journey to understanding your vision loss. Book an appointment online with our Outreach Officer or call us to make a booking.

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How much will it cost?

Up to the first 3 consults with our Outreach Officer, Community Engagement Officer or Occupational Therapist services are at no cost to you. After the first triage service, our Outreach Officer will be able to advise on future costs.

If you are not able to attend our clinic due to COVID-19 lockdowns, or do not wish to travel on public transport, EFLC can offer telehealth services.

You can access either the Outreach Officer, Community Engagement Officer or Occupational Therapist via Telehealth services whilst being in the comfort of your own home. Telehealth is you connecting to our staff either via a phone call or via video conferencing.

Phone – Talk to our staff using your mobile or landline phone.

Video – You can use your iPad, computer, or even smart phone to connect whilst using Cliniko. You can book an appointment by phone or our online booking system and specify if you wish for a face-to-face appointment or telehealth. If you chose telehealth, you would then receive a link via email or SMS. No login or password is required – just one click and you’re in!

If you are worried about security and compliance, we want to reassure you that all video calls are secured with end-to-end encryption and meet the strict Australian privacy and security standards. Cliniko allows you to rest easy knowing that your consultation is kept between just you and our staff member.

Outreach Services

The Outreach Officer’s core role is to communicate and build relationships.

The Outreach Officer can provide an initial assessment in consultation with clients who are vision impaired and their families to plan, develop, deliver and evaluate individual or group specialised services as per their needs identified throughout the assessment process.

Community Engagement Officer 

The Community Engagement Officer can provide trauma and grief counselling to help individuals explore overwhelming emotions often associated with vision loss. Offer guidance and support for loved ones in how to best help someone come to terms with vision loss.  Provide practical assistance in what to do next following diagnosis. Increase self-reliance by exploring and discussing the range of options offered by EFLC in terms of practical assistance.

Occupational Therapist

Our Occupational Therapist can provide support and information to enable you to continue doing everyday tasks and activities that are meaningful to you. Known as “activities of daily living”, these tasks include leisure, self-care and productivity activities such as personal care, preparing and eating food, walking and getting around safely at home and in the community and doing things you enjoy. We do that by suggesting changes to the environment (including modifying lighting), recommending equipment (such as digital readers or kitchen aids) and showing other ways of doing activities.

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