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Are you (or do you identify as) a woman?
Are you of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander origin?
Do you live in Canberra or Surrounds (eg., Queanbeyan, Yass, Goulburn)
Are you willing and able to undertake travel on a weekly basis to attend the classes? This includes classes on a Tues or Thurs, plus some Sundays.

Program eligibility category

Why we ask these questions? The Women's Safety Program is funded by one of the Department of Social Services' (DSS) Strong and Resilient Communities Activity - Inclusive Communities (SARC) grants which exist to: "support vulnerable and disadvantaged people on pathways to self-reliance and empowerment through local community-driven solutions that support them to participate socially and economically". The SARC Women's Safety Program was developed as a preventative program for women with disability, impairment or are in a 'vulnerable' or 'at-risk' category. We ask these questions as a screening tool to ensure eligibility, but also for reporting purposes to DSS. Information reported to DSS is done in an anonymous way to respect the privacy of individuals so that no personal identifying information is provided with demographic statistics.
Sensory impairment / Disability (Tick all that apply)
Physical Disability (Tick all that apply)
'Vulnerable'/ 'at-risk' category (Tick all that apply)

Accessibility Needs

Will you have a support person/carer attending the sessions with you?
Will you have a Guide Dog, Assistance/Service Dog, or Emotional Support Dog with you?

Safety Concerns

Are you currently in an unsafe or crisis situation?
Do you need information or would you like to speak to someone about crisis services?


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