System VarioPLUS


GST exempt.

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Eschenbach’s System VarioPLUS is ideal for reading over long periods of time and for users who have difficulty holding the magnifier freely, they feature:

  • Aspheric PXM lightweight lens, cera-tec coated for a distortion free image with edge-to-edge sharpness
  • Details on magnification – recommended eye-lens distance are stated on all magnifier heads
  • Magnifiers heads 155493 come with a retractable red reading line for easy line orientation and increased reading speed
  • The rectangle magnifier lens head 158063 are equipped with a supplementary swivel lens for additional magnification
  • Scratch-proof lens with high visual comfort
  • Choice of 3 different colour temperatures via filters

Battery handle 1599144 features:

  • LED illumination
  • LEDs have an unlimited service life and do not require changing, extremely economical to use
  • Easy to change attachable filters provide a choice of three different colour temperatures
  • Step-up converter for even, consistently bright illumination
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