LaboCLIP and LaboCLIP (Separate Lenses)


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Eschenbach’s LaboCLIP system allows easy attachment to your glasses to provide individual hands free magnification; it features:

  • Comfortable working distance even with a high level of magnification
  • Used with distance spectacles to achieve optimum image quality
  • Lenses easily interchangeable, customer can cause different lenses depending on task or changing needs over time
  • Planoconvex or aspheric PXM lightweight lens for a distortion-free image with edge-to-edge sharpness
  • Lens size: binocular – 74.5 x 22.5mm, monocular – 40mm
  • Lens clamp made from glass fibre reinforced plastic
  • Ideal for both work and craft activities
  • Supplied in a protective box

Lens with clip:

Variants  |  Magnification  |  Working distance

164617            1.7x                 400mm

164620            2.0x                 250mm

164625            2.5x                 180mm

164630            3.0x                 130mm

164640            4.0x                 55mm

164670            7.0x                 32mm

Lens alone:

Variants  |  Magnification  |  Working distance

16455              1.7x                 400mm

16451              2.0x                 250mm

16452              2.5x                 180mm

16453              3.0x                 130mm

16454              4.0x                 55mm

16457              7.0x                 32mm

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